Durham Cemeteries

Brown Road (Durham Union) Cemetery
Corner of Brown and Hillcrest Road
Durham, NY 12422
Contact Town Clerk  - 518-239-6122 ext. 1

No plots available

Cornwallville Cemetery
County Route 20
Cornwallville, NY  12418
Contact Edmund Armstrong – 518-622-9412

Plots available

Oak Hill Durham Cemetery
Route 81
Oak Hill, NY 12460
Contact Walt Bennett – 518-239-6569


Plots Available                                                                                                                                                                         

Winston Cemetery
County Route 20B
East Durham, NY  12423
Contact Town Clerk – 518-239-6122 ext. 1

Plots Available                                                                                     

The Winston Cemetery will be closed from December 1, until April 1, the exception being, no snow cover or frost. Please direct all inquiries to the Town Clerk 518-239-6122 ext.1.