Duties & Responsibilities of the Department

  • Maintain 84 miles of highway of which 14 miles are unpaved
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Town traffic sign repair and replacement
  • Hazardous tree removal and brush control
  • Maintain and repair of town owned culvert pipes
  • Drainage along roadways

Putting in a new driveway:  It is important that you call the Highway Superintendent before you put your driveway in so it can be inspected to determine if a culvert is required.  

Winter Notice
Do not throw snow from walkways or driveways onto the road.  Most people don't know this, but it's actually against the law.  New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1219 (a) states: No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, snow, grass or leaves or any other sustance likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle upon such highway.  Besides, plowmen are very likely to plow it right back into your driveway.

Please remember that parking on Town roads is prohibited.  The town has a 25 foot right of way from the center of the road and it is important for everyone's safety that the property owner refrain from placing items such as basketball hoops, bus stops, fences in this area.  If you should have questions regarding this please contact the highway superintendent.