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We are looking for additional volunteers to participate with the Economic Development Working Group of Durham Connect which is focused on expanding business opportunities in Durham. 

 “Economic Development” sounds like a very big effort for our small town but it’s really looking at our community and working with our neighbors to help identify opportunities to improve the local economy. 

Here are examples of projects the Eco Dev Working Group needs volunteers to help get off the ground:

  • We have a number of artists and wood workers in Durham. We’d like to create a link to our Town website which would feature some information on our varied, talented and skilled neighbors.
  • Within Durham and the surrounding areas, we strongly believe we have the ability to create a Farmers’ Market.
  • Our Building Assessor, David Cunningham is helping us develop online information for those interested in opening a business in Durham or even simply renovating their home.

All of these projects demonstrate our local gifts, existing economic opportunities and present Durham as an accommodating place to do business and own a home.

So, if you are interested in working on just one of these projects or continued participation in the team as we develop more ideas, please phone or email our Town Clerk, Janet Partridge.

Thank you.