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  1.   pdf Local Law #1 1989 Historic Preservation Law, establishing the Commission (35 KB)
  2.   pdf Local Law #1 1991 Increase Board Members to Historic Commission (59 KB)
  3.   pdf Minutes of the DHPC of Nov. 5 (792 KB) and pdf Nov. 19, 1989 (169 KB) , establishing the Cornwallville Historic District
  4. Questions and Answers on the DHPC and the Cornwallville Historic District, DHPC, early 1990s
  5.   pdf Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (265 KB) (for properties in the Cornwallville Historic District)
  6.   folder Minutes of meetings of DHPC year-by-year
  7.   pdf Certified Local Government Agreement (950 KB) Between The New York State Historic Preservation Officer and the Town of Durham, 1990
  8.   pdf Yearly reports of CLG (240 KB) (Report for 2016, submitted in April 2017, is under DHPC-documents; others missing)
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